Cargo Services

Air transportation
of cargo

We are committed to move your property, goods, commodity safe and on time through the fastest route at the best optimized cost with the highest reliability

Air transportation of national postal systems

We provide mail transport service that guarantee highly secured channels for sharing data while applying the highest safety standards and related regulations for hazardous materials to ensure safe arrival of the packages.

Chartered airfreight services

As per our customer’s target, we provide tailored & customized air freight solutions that guarantee cargo space for oversized and urgent consignments and support your business goals.

Scheduled airfreight transportation

We are currently offering the following daily flights:
a) Cairo (Egypt) - N’Djamena (Chad) & Vice Versa (Max Payload 20 Tons) – Starting from April 2023
b) Cairo (Egypt) – Pemba (Mozambique) & Vice Versa (Max Payload 20 Tons) – Starting from April 2023
For reservation, please go to “Contact Us” or email us on
Our scheduled airfreight services are managed by our network of freight forwarders. Please contact (VN Cargo Connect, Jet West, AHE Group for more details)